Why Cureo?


You've worked too hard for too long!

Don't settle for poor and embarrassing execution. Your groups' stuff is everywhere -- documents, agendas, to-do lists, member directories, emails. The results?

  • Confusion
  • Frustration
  • Delays
  • Diluted results (at best)

Because you can...

Flip the script!

Make your board, committees, project teams, and community groups more accountable, engaged, and successful.

  • Organize. Everything in its proper place.
  • Engage. All participants according to their roles.
  • Track. All activities by person, by group, by content asset.
  • Succeed! You've got it going on. Your participants will lock in.

Cureo is purpose-built for diverse teams.

Teams where most participants come together from different organizations.


Finally! A board portal alternative for boards and committees.

For many organizations, the board and sub-committees are the most important teams -- and often the most frustrating to coordinate. By making it easy for these participants to contribute without having them install or learn software, you open up capacity and creativity.

  • Traditional board portals are expensive and over-designed for most use-cases.
  • Board management software is limited to board and sub-committee usage.
  • Board software implementations often fail over time because members won't use it.
  • Cureo requires no board member training and is useful well beyond the board.
  • Participants use Cureo via our unique email integration and website widgets.

Coordinate your task forces and collaboratives.

Nonprofit groups such as collaboratives, special committees, and task teams have chaos to wrangle if they hope to succeed. Cureo is an instant-on backbone for your group so you can quickly get everyone on the same page, and keep them there.

  • Public Health Networks
  • Opioid Task Teams
  • Complete  Count Committees
  • Get Out the Vote
  • Redistricting
  • Economic Recovery

Why Cureo?

Because a worthy cause deserves the best.

The best alignment of resources and the best chance at success.


We've been there.

As leaders, donors, and participants in many causes over the years, we've experienced and understand how frustrating it is to envision mission-success only to be stymied at every turn by chaos.

They've all done it. So can you.

Cureo has helped tens of thousands of people align themselves in lockstep to better execute their critical missions. We can't wait to help you do the same.