4 Tips For Managing Nonprofit Committees

Katherine TurnerBoard of Directors

Nonprofit Committee

“Death by committee” is a phrase used to describe the failure of a project or initiative due to its assignment to a committee. Though many projects have no doubt “passed away” because of mismanagement,  committees are commonly used by nonprofits to effectively advance the mission of the organization. Most nonprofits have committees associated with their board. They often correspond to … Read More

Silo Busting: Connecting Nonprofit Teams

John SchoberNonprofit Collaboration

nonprofit silos

While attending the Finance, Technology, People Innovation Annual Conference for the first time, I found it curious to have a conference designed for 3 different functional groups (Finance, IT, and Human Resources) that don’t always work together extensively. Typically, a conference will target a specific functional area or target groups that are likely to work together. It brought to mind … Read More

5 Ways Technology Empowers Collective Impact

Brian BoyerNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

collective impact

The concept of Collective Impact has been around for several years. In order to truly affect change for the good in a community, multiple service organizations and stakeholders, all of which have different focuses, must work together. The problem of hunger is not solved just by the local food bank. It is solved by the local school system with distribution, … Read More

3 Signs You Need to Rethink Team Collaboration in Your Nonprofit

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

The success of a nonprofit is dependent on whether or not its constituents (board members, employees, donors, and more) are able to perform together as a team. With increasing competition for resources, it has become extremely important for nonprofits to collaborate in the workspace, fueling productivity. Yet, research suggests that in an eight-hour workday, the average employee is productive for … Read More

Cureo 101: How to Maximize Mission-Focused Collaboration in Your Nonprofit

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in team?” Think about nonprofits. With a limited number of resources to sustain growth, nonprofits are more likely to achieve goals when their members work effectively as a team. Cureo makes this possible. Follow along below as we explain how to maximize mission-focused collaboration in your organization using software designed specifically … Read More

3 Ways Cureo Will Transform Team Collaboration Overnight

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

While collaboration in the workspace is nothing new, innovative technologies are redefining how teams operate. Below, we explain three ways in which Cureo—technology built exclusively for nonprofits—can transform team collaboration overnight. 1. Organize Staff Members Organizational structure is essential to team collaboration. With Cureo, all of your information resides in a single, web-based collaboration system that you can access anytime, … Read More

What to Expect When You Sign Up For Cureo Collaboration Software

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

As a nonprofit leader, you know that collaboration is the key to success. Are you ready to lean on technology to amplify your nonprofit’s impact? While software companies fight for your business, they often leave out one small detail in the sales pitch: standard collaboration tools don’t work for nonprofits. Business-focused solutions are siloes with learning curves and numerous digital profiles to … Read More

How to Disaster-Proof Your Nonprofit Technology Plan

Andrew VaethNonprofit Tech

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and if your nonprofit isn’t properly prepared, operations can come to a screeching halt with no warning. While technology is typically the solution to a number of disasters, nonprofits are often reluctant to adopt new business strategies, fearing implementation failure and poor user acceptance. However, incorporating technology doesn’t have to be hard–and when … Read More

How to Network with Other Like-Minded Nonprofits

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Competition is a reality for every industry, especially the nonprofit sector. With a limited number of resources, nonprofits often compete for grants, donors and volunteers. But what if the nonprofit sector viewed others as colleagues instead of competitors? Networking offers a wealth of opportunity. In fact, this October, hundreds of organizations gathered in Cleveland at the Nonprofit Communications and Technology … Read More

3 Ways Cureo’s Nonprofit Technology Enhances Cross-Team Collaboration

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofit Tech

Does your nonprofit have a collaboration tool that allows you to consolidate and manage messages, tasks, and documents across teams? Separate teams that collaborate on certain projects need the ease of such technology. From various meetings and conversations to events and fundraisers, Cureo is your one-stop shop for organized collaboration. Ready to fuel cross-team collaboration with Cureo? Check out the … Read More