3 Tech Tips for Increased Donor Engagement

Andrew VaethNonprofit Tech

donor engagement

Technology has made engaging with donors incredibly convenient and effective. We are able to connect and build relationships like never before. In 2017, #GivingTuesday reached over 27.1 billion people on social media and raised over $300 million online. The power of social media alone can increase donor engagement, but there are other ways to spark retention. To get a deeper … Read More

A Philanthropic Millionaire’s Rant

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration

Donor Engagement

Recently, during a casual lunch with a friend I had not seen in some time, the subject came up about work — how’s it going, what’s new, etc. In my turn, as I shared the latest goings on here at Cureo and our work with nonprofits, I managed to trigger something in my friend — a little rant that’s worth … Read More

4 Smart Strategies to Engage the Next Generation of Nonprofit Board Members and Donors

Andrew VaethBoard of Directors, Nonprofit Collaboration

As the leader of a nonprofit, how do you plan to engage the next generation of board members and donors? This is an important question to consider as Baby Boomers head toward retirement, Gen X-ers fill their upper management roles, and Millennials continue entering the workforce. Nonprofits must develop strategies to attract and engage the new generations or risk failure. … Read More

How Storytelling Improves Donor Retention

Andrew VaethNonprofit Tools

According to Stanford Marketing Professor Jennifer Aaker, “stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.” How can a nonprofit benefit from the storytelling approach? Your mission becomes memorable when you frame it with a meaningful story. To make donors care about, remember, and contribute to your organization, use the power of storytelling. Ready to embrace the art … Read More