Nonprofit Making Community a Priority

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catholic charities

I recently attended the Annual Gathering for Catholic Charities as an exhibitor for Cureo. Catholic Charities affiliates are well known as strong collaborators in their communities, so we were eager to introduce many of them to our platform.  Conferences always provide the opportunity to get out of the weeds and see elements of the big picture, and this conference provided … Read More

NewBridge Cleveland Strives for Vibrant Community and Fulfilled Potential

Andrew VaethNonprofit Collaboration, Nonprofits We Love

NewBridge Cleveland exists to help residents and at-risk youth in some of Cleveland’s most challenged neighborhoods reach their full educational and economic potential. NewBridge uses market-driven job training and educational arts programs to help build a stronger and more vibrant community. We sat down with Maya Lyles, Director of Academic Affairs, to learn more about the work going on at … Read More

Whit’s End Community Place Creates Strength and Hope for Cancer Patients

Andrew VaethNonprofits We Love

Whit’s End Community Place in Wooster, Ohio began following its founders’ experiences as caregivers of loved ones battling cancer. Whit’s End is dedicated to providing emotional support, practical education, and hope to all who are touched by cancer. Founders Sandy Kline and Cathy Ballinger are committed to building a community of caring and generous people whose mission is to walk … Read More

How to Network with Other Like-Minded Nonprofits

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Competition is a reality for every industry, especially the nonprofit sector. With a limited number of resources, nonprofits often compete for grants, donors and volunteers. But what if the nonprofit sector viewed others as colleagues instead of competitors? Networking offers a wealth of opportunity. In fact, this October, hundreds of organizations gathered in Cleveland at the Nonprofit Communications and Technology … Read More

Organize Community Task Forces Using Nonprofit Technology

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A community task force is comprised of multiple organizations, employees, members and volunteers working together to solve a complex problem. Between these various organizations, there are numerous people and projects to account for. That’s why community task forces are looking for ways to work smarter–not harder­­–and it starts with technology. Centralize Communications for all Stakeholders Community task forces need a … Read More