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Get ahead of the game to create order, increase engagement, and maximize your community’s census outcomes.

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Complete Count Committees face the daunting task of mobilizing, coordinating, and communicating with many partnering organizations and thousands of stakeholders. Inboxes will become unmanageable. Overwhelming inefficiencies await. The stakes are high. Failure will cost communities $millions.

Complete Count Committee Software

Keep the work of your committee on track

Don't settle for poor and embarrassing execution. You can't afford confusion, delays, frustrated stakeholders and diluted results. Cureo is a turnkey committee coordination and communication solution with optional integrated website for your committee. 

Your committee gets...


Coordination and communication toolbox

  • Define, communicate, track your goals and objectives.
  • Organize teams, work groups, sub-committees.
  • Track progress by team and geography. 
  • Send attractive news updates via email to targeted audiences.
  • Community partners and VIPs can engage via platform or via email.
  • Organize and track dialogs, files, meetings, tasks, news and contacts.
  • Unlimited users. Unlimited sub-committees.
  • Made in America.
  • Proudly supported by our Ohio-based team. 
  • Hosted and secured on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Hosted website for your committee and your community (optional)

  • We host it for you on the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • We give you your own sub-domain.
  • You administer or we do it for you.
  • Fully integrated with the collaboration platform.
  • One-and-done publishing including your news updates.
  • Interactive — your partners and VIPs get personalized engagement and information based on the work of their committee(s).

Instant Connective Tissue

Bring the power of Cureo to create an instant network of your CCC members, organizations and volunteers working together on a single, easy-to-leverage platform.

Easy. Flexible. Powerful.

Flexible, state-of-the-art teamwork tools. Cureo is a flexible toolset and communication platform for coordinating the work of your partnerships, committees, volunteers and project teams.

Cost Effective. Instant Value.

Cureo is cloud-based, safe, secure, and private allowing your committee and sub committees to start using immediately. Price for the unique needs and timing of the 2020 Census.

Keys to a Complete Count

Coordinated Work

  • Define, communicate, track your goals and objectives.
  • Organize teams, workgroups, sub-committees.
  • Track progress by team and geography. 

Targeted and Frequent Communication

  • Raise awareness of the census and its benefits to your target groups.
  • Provide calendars of public events.
  • Report on your activity and success


With improved connections, communications and insights, friction fades and creativity blossoms.  Creative solutions emerge. A more complete count becomes reality. 

Get the Task Force Success Guide

Download our Task Force Success Guide for Complete Count Committees. Learn about common challenges and solutions for organizing and managing the work of CCC's.


Make All Resources Count

Cureo’s toolset is designed for the entire team to be more productive. From initially defining your plans, through post-Census reporting, the tools built into Cureo will help you get there successfully.

Email Friendly

Cureo integrates everything with email. Most team members do not need to learn another tool, so there is no learning curve for most CCC members.

Safe & Secure

Cloud-based platform. Our U.S.-based, Microsoft-hosted, cloud-based platform provides an instant-on, safe, secure and private toolset. Nothing to install, or maintain.

Ready to Go!

Let's do this. Time is of the essence. Let’s talk about how easy it is to get started with Cureo. We have a turnkey approach that allows you to go live with your CCC immediately.

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